Snow leopard cubs born at Twycross Zoo       

Orangutan baby born at Twycross Zoo

Amur leopard cubs born at Twycross Zoo

Baby Gorilla born at Twycross Zoo

Rare Sumatran Tiger Cubs born at Chester Zoo



Not bananas again! Monkey reacts with anger after opening his oh so predictable Christmas present at Longleat Safari Park

Baby gorilla Chickaboo catches her reflection on the back of the camera but looks as though she is about to take a photo. At the Mefou Primate Park in Cameroon.


Lemur's take up photography to promote the Twycross Zoo photo competition.

Roy the swimming cat takes his weekly swim in the hydrotherapy pool.

Still Life in the old dogs yet! Dog's Trust home for elderly dogs in Shrewsbury makes life comfortable for ageing dogs.

Real dogs meet their dogg-equin counterparts in River Island on Oxford Street, London.The doggie mannequins will be sold off to raise money  for The Dog's Trust.


A team of vets travelled from the UK to operate on Shufai the gorilla in Cameroon. Shufai's arm was badly injured when his mother was shot and killed for bushmeat so years previously and has suffered from his injuries ever since. The operation was intended to give him a life, free from pain. Featured in the Daily Mail.