The healing powers of water showcases the stories of people whose lives have been transformed with water and swimming.

“I have always felt a strong affinity to water and love the feeling of being submerged. It’s so peaceful and any worries are forgotten for the brief time you are under. Over the years I have met so many people who have also found the water therapeutic and wanted to tell their amazing stories. All the subjects featured in the collection have overcome their own personal struggles, be it mental or physical, and used swimming and water to better their lives.” Lucy Ray, Starfish Underwater Photography

Thanks to Allana Lamb, Daniel Hadleigh-Dunn, James Roffey, Nicola Jackson, Rebecca Richardson, Junior bell, Lacy Burns , Esmae Walker, for sharing their stories and Bubbles Swim School, Forever Swim by Susan, and Speedy Sharks, for the pool time and Annie Jude's for hosting the exhibition.

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